Understanding languages…

Nachhaltiges Denken umsetzen

updated on: 2023-09-15

Understanding languages is even more important today than it used to be. Although it has always been important. He who knows the language of the country of his desire can rise more quickly in the hierarchy of importance in society. He is respected. Respected. People wish to have “YOU” as a friend, business partner or mentor. It is also much easier for you to voice your concerns. To make yourself understood in your active working world. Even disagreements or misunderstandings can be resolved independently through a good knowledge of the language. You are free, independent, you are not dependent on anyone.

Today, there are various written apps and tools on the internet to communicate with your counterpart. However, most mechanical translation templates and longer sentences are still very faulty. Therefore, keep it as short as possible. It is essential for all sides to understand each other. Once written or spoken, misunderstandings are almost impossible to correct. We humans have a tendency to take things personally. Unconsciously, this reproach is stored. No matter how nice, conscientious and helpful you are, the misunderstood word lies like a stone in the consciousness of the contact person.

So I was looking for a place where you can improve your German. I myself found the site of “MARIA”. The voice is pleasant. It motivates you. It is clear. I think it helps you to handle future situations better and more understandably. Use this link and follow her on the short videos available in You Tube. The exercises never last longer than 20 minutes. This means that your receptivity is always fully utilised.
Be welcome:

“Maria, your German language teacher / your German language Coach