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Offizielle Staatsflagge:

Kenias Staatswappen / Fahne
Kenya’s coat of arms / flag
Time zone planner Kenya / Time zone planner Europa

Um in Kenia eine Zweigstelle offiziell anzumelden ist folgende Institution anzuschreiben:
Kenianische Registrierungsbehörde
To officially register a branch office in Kenya, the following institution must be contacted:
Kenya Registration Authority

Der Vorstand der “NADEUM-KENYA-AFRIKA” Branch besteht ab 2023-11-16 aus 3 Mitgliedern:

Präsident / President:
Mr. Denis Cheruiyot Mitei
WhatsApp-Call: +254 719 469009

Vizepräsident – Vice President:
Mr. Ebeneza Kipngetich Maseti
His motto is:
Let me conclude in that ASAP…
WhatsApp-Call: +254 701 017092

The task of the Vice President is to take over the duties of the President at all times if he is unable to do so. His duties are the same as those of the President. He bears the same responsibility. Both gentlemen must represent the association in an outstanding manner. Engage in active networking. Maintain contacts. All meetings of any kind are his responsibilit.

Schriftführer – Generalsekretär / Secretary General:
Mr. Eli Kiprono Yebei
His motto is:
God is the wind that touches everything
WhatsApp-Call: +254 721 157700

The General Secretary is responsible for keeping minutes of all actions, meetings of all kinds and their deliberations. He must also receive motions from all members, categorise them by topic and present them for discussion at the next Board meeting or General Assembly. He must record in the minutes whether the motion has been accepted or not. All resolutions passed must be kept available for inspection at all times and he must be informed immediately if members raise objections or violate the resolutions.

Her Motto is: “Live your life with integrity
Kassier – Buchhaltung / Treasurer – Bookkeeping:
Mrs. Purity Chepkoech
WhatsApp-Call: +254 718 144213
Here Motto is:
Live your life with integrity

The treasurer’s task is to keep accurate accounts and maintain absolute control over the association’s expenditure. The treasurer can veto at any time if the cash balance is not filled with the necessary cash. Furthermore, no NADEUM-KENIA MEMBER may make payments to themselves or to third parties without the consent of the Treasurer. All payments must be described by motions, voted on by a majority and defined by resolutions. Otherwise, the entire branch board is liable with its own assets.

What exactly does integrity mean?
People with integrity can talk openly and honestly with each other. They are reliable and trustworthy. People with integrity respect the opinions of others and can also compromise. In addition, they can not only express criticism, but also admit their own mistakes.

Erweiterter NADEUM-KENIA-AFRIKA Vereinsvorstand:
Extended NADEUM-KENIA-AFRIKA Association Board:

His Motto is: “Transforming life of others”
Cultural Officer – Kulturreferent: Barnaba Osman Kwanjeli
WhatsApp-Call:+254 769 290650

Cultural Officer: (english)
His job is as follows (rules of procedure)
To be a mediator between different traditions.
To create trouble-free connections and clear up cultural misunderstandings.
To point out and present historical backgrounds.
The aim is for people of different cultures and customs, different religions and values to learn to understand and respect each other.
To make it possible for people to live together in harmony in the future.
Cultural events made possible. In co-operation with other institutions.

Professionally, he works at the CBOTEACH FOR COMMUNITYOur vision is to create a community where youth and women can receive excellent training in digital skills, entrepreneurial skills and social skills to promote change and collaborate with humanitarian organisations.

Markan Yussif Ismael ist der neue Mann an der Seite von Baranaba Osman.
schon bald wird er hier sichtbar gemacht und wir werden ihm mit Denis Cheruiyot Mitei eine Aufgabe geben die seiner Intution entspricht.

Des weiteren gibt es eine Organisation die sichTEACH FOR KENIAnennt. Deren Leitspruch es ist: “Bildung in Kenia: Globaler Wissensaustausch kann die Bildung in Kenia verändern”

Sports officer – Sportreferent: Kihuha Bruno
WhatsApp-Call: +254 700 855959

Denis Mitei ist Trainer für “5B” in Kenya / Örtlichkeit wid noch bekannt gegeben.
Denis Mitei is a trainer for “5B” in Kenya / location to be announced

Baseball5 ist ein international gespieltes Safe-Haven-Spiel mit vielen der gleichen Regeln wie Baseball und Softball, das neben diesen Sportarten von der World Baseball Softball Confederation geregelt wird.

Du willst ein “NADEUM-KENIA-AFRIKA” Mitglied werden dann fülle folgendes Formular aus und sende es an den CEO Denis Mitei.
If you want to become a “NADEUM-KENIA-AFRIKA” member, please fill in the following form and send it to the CEO Denis Mitei.

Klicke hier auf den folgenden Link und drucke das “NADEUM-Mitglied-Anmeldeformular” aus. Genau durchlesen, richtig ausfüllen, und an die E-Mail: senden. Alle weiteren Schritte geschehen dann von der Zentrale in Wien aus. Das bedeutet du wirst Informiert ob alle Daten korrekt sind oder etwaige Daten nach zu reichen sind. Wo du NADEUM-Mitglied bist. Was deine Aufgabe ist. Auf alle Fälle Danke, dass du unsere Ziele teilst und dich in NADEUM mit all deinen Ideen einbringen willst.
Click here on the following link and print out the
NADEUM Member Registration Form“. Read it carefully, fill it in correctly and send it to the e-mail: All further steps will be taken from the head office in Vienna. This means that you will be informed whether all the data is correct or whether any data needs to be submitted. Where you are a NADEUM member. What your task is. In any case, thank you for sharing our goals and for wanting to contribute to NADEUM with all your ideas.


Was ist die Aufgabe eines Präsidenten, einer Präsidentin innerhalb einer NGO/NPO/Vereines:
What is the task of a president within an NGO/NPO/association?

Was ist die Aufgabe innerhalb eines Vereins des Schriftführers, Schriftführerin:
What is the role of the secretary within an organisation?

Die Statuten der Zweigniederlassung sind hier in Englisch verfasst. Sie wurden vom Original mittels “” in, so hoffen wir, gut lesbares englisch übersetzt. Sollten gramatikalische oder sonstige Übersetzungsfehler geschehen sein, bitten wir sie uns dies umgehend mitzuteilen. (

The articles of association of the branch office are written here in English. They have been translated from the original into what we hope is legible English using “”. Should there be any grammatical or other translation errors, please let us know immediately.