NADEUM P004 – Quality education for Africans

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project 004 is a pet project of NADEUM as an attempt to address one of the basic problems of Africa, lack of proper education. P004 is a project that will Focus on education transfer between Europe (Austria) and Nigeria (Africa in general). It is of the utmost importance that we try a different approach to the biggest problems that are facing us as a people in the continent and of course it is important to remember that “education is the key” and “knowledge is power”. Hence an education transfer program might just be the key to unlocking the true potentials of the large number of boisterous Nigerian youths. The Program is aimed at being a double-edged sword that is also supposed to bring some benefits to the Austrian students who are looking to achieve a Semester abroad in the African Terrain. this can turn out to be an important aspect of their lives for traveling, learning about the cultures and people of Africa, and adventure. on the Other Hand, it is expected to have an effect on the Nigerian educational Terrain in a positive way. since the curriculum has to be altered and updated to suit the expectations of the Incoming students, the participating Nigerian Universities will be expected to upgrade their entire facilities, equipment and staff to the best achievable level. This will not only benefit the incoming foreign students, but also the local students tremendously. Another expected important benefit of the program is the establishment of a good relationship between Nigeria and Austria in terms of educational development. The educational system and commitment of Austria as a country is mind-blowing and interestingly, I believe the Nigerian system needs a bit of it as well. Within my first year of studying in Austria, I have seen numerous aspects in which Nigeria as a country needs to develop. It is a gross understatement to say that we are way behind in terms of educational delivery and infrastructure. There is a lot that we can learn from the European commitment to education, and there is no better way to achieve that than sending in “patriotic pioneers” to absorb the European flair and devotion to education and bringing it home for the purpose of capacity building. It is very safe to say project 004 will make a big impact in Nigeria particularly and in Africa generally when it eventually kicks in.

Vision Statement:

P004’s vision is to increase the quality of education for Africans to the highest possible achievable level.

Mission Statement:

P004’s mission is to give and source for assistance for all incoming and outgoing students between Nigeria and Austria to make their educational pursuit easier and achievable for the purpose of capacity building and educational extension.

Mondus Operandi

The mode of operation of the program amongst other assistance is to help the prospective students that meets all the requirement by the host country by guiding them through the important step of documentation, representation (where necessary) and providing contacts. We also intend to try to secure completely free or very affordable accommodations in both countries for incoming students. The following documents as required by the Austrian embassy is also required by NADEUM in order to be able to represent the students in case of problems with the respective embassies. Any student registered with the program will have full support from NADEUM until they acquire the visa required for their studies and they are expected to respect and maintain the agreement with NADEUM which includes that they must stick to their intention to study otherwise they are to return immediately to their country of origin.

Required documents

  • Fully filled Schengen visa form
  • Passport photos (same specifications as required by the embassy)
  • Passport data page
  • National ID card*
  • Birth certificate/declaration of age
  • Admission/invitation letter from the host university, organization etc
  • marital status certificate
  • registration confirmation
  • flight tickets including return flight ticket
  • proof of intention to return including proof of rooting in the country of origin
  •  sufficient health and accident insurance
  • the proof of study from their universities
  •  as well as the required financial means for travel, subsistence and return costs.

Expected participants

Even though NADEUM is expected to be at the centre of the show, a few other important participants will be key to actualizing our set goals.

1 Partner Universities and other Institutes of Higher Education

In the targeted countries, a few credible universities and schools for higher learning will be incorporated into the scheme as partners. These institutions will be made aware of the NADEUM support for the students and also the purpose and importance of the program. They will be expected to give as much assistance as possible to the incoming students as well as positively adjusting their syllabus (if necessary) to suit the purpose of the program. For instance, the Austrian working environment expects the latest and up to date technological expertise in its workforce so it will be counterproductive to educate incoming Austrian students with archaic syllabus and equipment. This might pose a challenge in the beginning but in the long run, it will clearly be a benefit to every party involved.

2 Government Parastatals, Agencies and other NGOs

Several governmental and non-governmental agencies are going to be brought onboard for partnership to achieve our goals quickly and efficiently. This is also expected to bring recognition and publicity to the program. Because it is a selfless action towards increasing the human capacity building and development of the teeming African youth, we expect government agencies on all fronts to be proactive in giving assistance to the program. Other NGOs with a similar interest and mission will also play a key role in the success of the program. Because all applications for study abroad depends also on the decision of the embassies as well as ministries of foreign affair, we also intend to bring the concerned embassies and ministries on board and hopefully they will whole-heartedly key into our initiative.

3 Sponsors

Sponsors as private individuals, organizations and corporations will be sought out for. Despite the fact that the program is not profit-oriented, it still requires funding which we intend to generate from well-meaning Nigerians, Austrians etc as donations, sponsorships and so on. Every dime contributed by the sponsors will be accounted for and handled by the NADEUM executives and will be used for the benefits of the exchange students that requires assistance such as in scholarships or grants.

4 Students

Of course, the prospective students or beneficiaries are the focus of the program, so they are also very important. Students from Africa and Austria are expected to benefit from the program which is supposed to make a clear path for them into new territories for extensive learning, new cultural awareness and educational adventure. The program itself intends to aid modern education and technology transfer which is an aspect that will be greatly beneficial to the African developmental plans and agenda.

5 Free Hosts

The big aspect of the program and perhaps also a great challenge would be the possibilities of looking for free or very subsidized accommodation for the transfer students. On the part of the African students, it will be even more difficult because of the high cost of housing in Austria. Accommodation in Austria is so expensive that an average student from Africa won’t be able to afford it unless they work along with their study programs. The is not ideal for all students because it can result in a drop in their academic performance and hence their overall result. For this reason the program intends to find willing property or home owners who are willing to accommodate some of the students in a comfortable student apartment for the duration of their study program with the necessary basic amenities. A room with attached/detached bathroom and a possibility for cooking. These Hosts will also be considered as sponsors of the program and “friends of NADEUM”

Current Universities being Considered

The Universities of Lagos, Abuja and Benin are in the forefront of consideration due to security purposes. Lagos and Abuja are considered safe enough for foreigners however, Benin is a doubt in that regard. But because there is a military barrack in the near, it is possible to ensure the security of the students in Uniben (University of Benin) if and when we can get the S&T Barracks in Ugbowo to come on board as an accommodation sponsor. There are possible unoccupied housing schemes in the barrack which can be utilized for this purpose for a mutual benefit. This does not restrict the consideration to just a few universities on the ground of safety. Most Nigerian universities have their various staff quarters with some having small apartments that can ideally serve the purpose. I am familiar with the accommodation arrangement for staff at The Petroleum Training Institute, Effurun, Delta State. It will not be difficult to work something out for the foreign students within these secure quarters. In other words, any university or institute of higher education with internal housing facilities for the foreign students are being considered. The most important thing for our guest students is safety and wellbeing. That is why we put this aspect of the program above all and intend to build every other thing around this.

Sponsors and Volunteers

As mentioned earlier, sponsors will play a pivotal role for the success and the program. Hence, from the onset we intend to look for committed and devoted sponsors whose role will be to make meaningful contributions to ease the students’ efforts for transfer. Monetary and housing support are top of the list. Scholarships, grants and loans would be made available to students that might have difficulties in affording the educational programs if enough sponsorship fund is raised and hence, encourage them to embark on their educational journeys with zeal and determination and without too much worry. Volunteers for the program will be anyone is wants to be actively involved in the development and progress of the program voluntarily. This includes but not limited to active participants as members of NADUEM (see NADUEM website for membership requirements), passive members of NADEUM with various important duties, other NGOs with similar interests, individuals as well as interested institutions and governmental parastatals.

Long Term Benefits of the Program

The expected benefit of the program is the reason behind creating the program in the first place. The idea is education transfer and human capacity development can and will lead to a great decline in illiteracy and insufficient education and hence improve the output of the general population especially amongst the African youths. International exposure is also expected to play a vital role in the development of the mindsets of our teeming youth. Self-confidence, self-sufficiency and a well-developed mind is all the tools they need to find a good place of work or create a business of their own and employ others. This will solve most of the mutual problems being faced by Europe and Africa. For too long now, the average Nigerian (sub-Saharan African) youths has always believed that the best way to a good life is to get to Europe (often by dangerous and excruciating means) and live there, regardless of the kind of life that awaits them. Over the recent years, thousands of youths across the continent had embarked on this journey of life or dead and hundreds have perished on the way. The ones that are able to get across the desert and the Mediterranean have either ended up in the traps of human traffickers, or have found themselves in limbo land, where they have no rights or basic amenities to be able to live in the new society. Without the socio-cultural skills, language or educational qualifications, they end up either being deported or living in terrible conditions sometimes for up to a decade before a decision on their claims for asylum is reached. This program offers an honourable way to get to Europe and live there in peace and happiness, learn the skills, language, and technology to import back to Africa. thereby, gradually bringing an end to the migration problem, and the empowerment problem of the African youth. When full advantage of this program is taken, the beneficiaries will include all parties including the students, the continents of Europe and Africa in terms of immigration control and security, as well as the economies of both continents. In a nutshell, Africa will be able to train and retain her youths, Europe will finally have a lasting solution to their border control problem and also balance the average age issue that is posing a big problem in the foreseeable future.

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